5/30/2007 0:00:00

A Miami Springs Senior High student was arrested Wednesday, May 30th…the last day of school…for bringing a loaded .9mm gun to school. According to reports from CBS4, the fifteen year old sophomore brought the gun to school for protection. He was apparently afraid for his safety due to threats from bullies. (Read More and View Videos.)

Editorial Opinion
There is no excuse for bringing guns to school, but I believe this case points out the need for students to have a method to fight back against bullies and protect themselves. Does anyone think the school administration will take serious action, or just ignore it over the summer break? Time will tell. I will guarantee you this: If students don’t have a way to use the school system to protect themselves from bullies, the students themselves will come up with an alternative. Whether it’s a gun, knife, bat, brass knuckles, chain, lock, or good ‘ol fashioned fists, students will find a way to defend their bodies from harm. Let’s run the bullies out of the schools and we’ll see less incidents like these.




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