3/6/2014 0:00:00

Miami Springs Police setup a sting operation at the IHOP located on NW 36 street and South Drive on Wednesday, March 5th. The purpose was to catch burglars in response to recent vehicular burglaries along NW 36 street. The IHOP has had a long history of vehicle break-ins and was an ideal place to setup.


According to an NBC6 report, the police setup a decoy vehicle in the IHOP parking lot. Sure enough, a suspect parked alongside the police decoy vehicle. He then exited his vehicle, broke into the decoy vehicle, and took something from inside the car.

Then, the suspect re-entered the vehicle he arrived in and tried to drive away.

He didn`t get very far.

Miami Springs police quickly blocked the suspect and arrested him for the vehicle break-in.




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