It’s no surprise, we love this time of year and the many traditions that come with Christmas.  One of those wonderful traditions we enjoy is driving around Miami Springs and enjoying the beautiful Christmas decorations setup by our fellow neighbors in Miami Springs.  As we drive around we take pictures of the many spectacularly decorated homes and share some of those with you.

Miami Springs Home Decorated for Christmas

Now to be clear, we didn’t drive through every home nor take every home’s picture.  I’m certain that there are many more spectacular homes we didn’t get to feature below.  But that may be the reason for you to take your own stroll through the streets of Miami Springs and enjoy the beauty our community puts on display every year.

Miami Springs Home Decorated for Christmas

It’s a wonderful tradition the kids enjoy seeing.  No matter how old those “kids” may be.

Miami Springs Home Decorated for Christmas

God bless you all.  May the peace and joy of Christmas be with you this Holiday Season.

Miami Springs Christmas Home Decorations:  Photo Gallery


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