According to, there were two incidents classified as shootings in February in Miami Springs.

The first incident occurred on Valentine’s Day at around 2pm at the 500 block of South Royal Poinciana.  It was classified as a shooting of an occupied structure. No one was hurt.

The second incident involved 13 shots fired on February 22nd at the Miami Barber Shop on the 600 block of South Drive.  It was also a shooting of an occupied structure.  No one was hit by the shots fired.  Read the full details of the Barber Shop incident here.

No one was hit by the shots fired in either incident.


Overall, there were 41 criminal incidents in the month of February.


There were 5 cases of assault in the month of February including three simple assault and battery incidents and two shooting incidents classified as assault with a deadly weapon.

Breaking and Entering

There were two cases of breaking and entering in February.  One was non-residential along the 4500 block of NW 36th Street.  The second was a residential burglary that occurred on the 400 block of Minola Drive on February 7th around 6pm.


We had three drug incidents in the month of February.  All three were classified as narcotics violations.

Theft from Vehicle

Vehicular burglaries remain the most common crime, but February had the lowest number of thefts from vehicle since July of last year with 13 incidents.  That’s also down 35% compared to the prior month.

Stolen Vehicles

There were two reported incidents of stolen vehicles during the month of February.


There were 10 incidents of theft during the month of February.  (4) incidents of theft other.  One bicycle theft.  One burglary curtilage.  One theft of auto accessory.  One theft of service.  One unfinished incident.  One Warrant Arrest Misdemeanor.


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