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The Miami Springs Washington Mutual Bank located at 4475 NW 36 Street was robbed by a Senior Citizen. The elderly man, described to be in his 60s, got away with over $7,000 cash and is currently on the loose.

The man calmly entered the bank on Saturday, August 11th and asked for $15,000. He was holding a cardboard box and claimed to have a bomb inside. He also claimed to have remote assistance outside.

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As he bluffed his claims of having a bomb, which proved to be false, tellers also bluffed claiming they didn’t have $15,000 they could give at one time. Eventually, the elderly man left with over $7,000. No one was hurt during the incident.

So here’s the description of the suspect:

  • Elderly White Male in his 60s
  • 5’4″ Tall
  • Freckle Faced
  • Pointy chin
  • Gray HairHe was last seen wearing:
  • Baseball cap with the word ITALIA and a picture of the Italian flag
  • Wearing Sunglasses
  • Long sleeve blue and red plaid shirtIf you have any information, please contact the Miami Springs Police Investigators at 305.887.1444.


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