Thanks to the wonderful and giving customers and the Milam’s team, Milam’s Markets was able to write a HUGE check for $18,759.36 this week to benefit Nicklaus Children’s Hospital.

Milam’s Markets posted the following message:

THANK YOU customers and the Milam team who helped us raise $18,759.36 for Nicklaus Children’s Hospital!

Proud to be in such an amazing and generous community wanting to share a brighter future for families and their children. ❤️

Editor’s note:  As a parent of three children, one who has had to endure countless hours at Nicklaus Children’s Hospital, I can’t stress enough what an incredible blessing it is to have Nicklaus Children’s Hospital as part of our community. The people who work there are angels.  To everyone who donated at Milam’s and to the Milam’s family, thank you for your generous support of an incredibly worthy institution!



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