Last night there was a heavy police presence again at the infamous Runway Inn.  This morning we can confirm that the Runway Inn has been temporarily shut down according to staff working the facility this morning.

We don’t know if this shutdown is just temporary or if there’s a more permanent solution.  According to the City of Miami Springs Police Department, the Chief of Police will be holding a press conference later today at the State Attorney’s Office to discuss the recent arrests and the shutdown that occurred last night.  However, the city did issue the following release:

“The City of Miami Springs, through its City Attorneys and Police Department, has taken civil action against the Runway Inn Miami Airport Hotel, that resulted in the closure of the Runway Inn to end the nuisance caused by prolonged criminal activity occurring on the property.  That closure was effectuated yesterday evening.  These efforts follow criminal investigations and a series of arrests coordinated between the Miami Springs Police Department and the Office of the Miami-Dade State Attorney. A press conference has been called for today, September 17, 2020, at 2:45 PM to provide additional details.”

Chief Guzman with State Attorney
File photo: Chief Guzman during a press conference with the State Attorney.

Miami Springs has a growing crime corridor along NW 36th Street.  And while this has long been the area for vehicular burglary, the crimes are growing more serious including prostitution, narcotics, shootings, and sex trafficking.

Earlier this wee, the Miami Springs Police Department issued the following release:

“The Miami Springs Police Department along with the Miami-Dade State Attorney’s Human Trafficking Task Force, Miami-Dade Police Department, City of Miami Police Department, Miami Beach Police Department, Department of Homeland Security, H.I.D.T.A. and other federal partners executed search warrants on Monday, September 14th at the Runway Inn Miami Airport Hotel located at 656 East Drive. These search warrants were based on a collection of investigative information and undercover operations.

Several individuals were identified and four were taken into police custody. Numerous items  were seized and impounded as evidence. Three other individuals are pending apprehension.

Criminal charges range from Narcotics Possession with Intent to Distribute to Narcotics Trafficking. 

This investigation is ongoing.”


Less than 30 days ago, we reported on 2 people shot at the Runway Inn.

2 Shot at Runway Inn


Also last month, we reported of a 14 year old girl rescued from Human Trafficking by the Miami Springs Police:

14 Year Old Girl Rescued from Human Trafficking by Miami Springs Police and Other Agencies


And those big crimes lead to more of the little crimes.  A reader shared video of a trespasser running around his home.

Caught on Camera: Video Shows Alleged Trespasser on Forrest Drive



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