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– Editor`s note: I went to Miami Springs Middle School. My mother went to Miami Springs Junior High. – That`s what it was called back then. – While my daughter would be the third generation to go to this school, I think we decided enough is enough. As much as I have fond memories of this school, what parent wants to take their kid to a school where this is going on? – Keep reading.

WSVN 7 is now reporting up to 3 victims have come out alleging that the gym teacher, Carlos Usatorres, had molested them. Earlier reports had allegations that Usatorres had sex with a 13 year old girl. Now, police have made public the allegations that a then 14 year old girl was also molested. Furthermore, WSVN is reporting that another child has come forward with accusations that Usatorres had molested her.

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– Editor`s Note – Meanwhile, I`ve seen no reports that Usatorres has been fired by the school district. That would mean our tax dollars are paying for an accused child molester. Makes me want to puke. Fire the guy. He`s been arrested. I know we have to presume he`s innocent until proven guilty. That`s for a conviction. The guy`s already been arrested. That`s enough for me to fire the guy.

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